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Spliff Seeds BlueBerry Seeds
Spliff Seeds BlueBerry Seeds Spliff Seeds BlueBerry Seeds

Spliff Seeds BlueBerry Seeds

Spliff Seeds
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Spliff Seeds BlueBerry Seeds Specs

Genetics (Chocolate Thai x Afghani #1 x Highland Oaxaca) x NLSpecial
Type 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Harvest September/October
THC Content High
Yield Indoors 450-550 gr/m2, Outdoors 600 gr/pp
Height Indoors 50-80cm, Outdoors 150-200cm
Taste Blueberry, Sweet
Smell Fruity, Slighly Earthy
Effect Indica Body Stone, Long Lasting
Grows Indoors/Outdoors
Medicinal Properties Insomnia, digestive problems, emotional problems, nausia, diarrhea, PMS, chronic pain, joint pain, muscle pain, fibromyalgia

Spliff Cannabis Seeds BlueBerry Seeds Info

The original Blueberry is composed of an exotic mix of genetics: Chocolate Thai, Afghani and Highland Oaxacan Gold.  She’s originally from California, USA, where she was first conceived by the famous DJ Short. This Blue Berry was then crossed with one of our best Northern Lights Special fathers resulting in an Indica dominant strain. A 75% Indica strain with a high level of THC. 
She can also be grown outdoor in more Northern Countries. After a few days of cold the Blue Berry can form a lovely purple blue hue on its leaves and calyxes. Harvest time is mid October. In open soil she can reach up to 3 metres in height. For an outdoor plant she has impressive resin production, which you’ll notice when clipping her. On top of the calyx to leaf ratio is outstanding, so you will have little trouble manicuring her. 
Our Blue Berry has three phenos with variation in budshape, leaves, high and color.  Pheno #1 (Indica dominant) has a stretched, compact budstructure, a great flower-to-leaf ratio. The overall appearance is a green plant with a few purple pistils. With pheno # 2 (Indica dominant) both the buds and leaves will turn purple. She has that oldschool Indica buzz. Pheno # 3 is more Sativa inclined. Only the calyxes turn purple. She forms one large, tall bud and will have more of a Sativa high. 
Overall you can say Blue Berry is a short, sturdy and stocky plant producing heavy, compact buds. She has candleshaped calyxes, medium to large. In ideal conditions these calyxes can turn purple. Flower-to-leaf ratio is good. You can prune or fim her to improve yield, but she does need some room. She doesn’t require too much nutrients. Vegetative period should be about three weeks. 
Blue Berry has a fruity somewhat earthy aroma and a berrylike, sweet flavor. She has a long-lasting Indica high with a body stoned sensation. Medicinal value: insomnia, digestive problems, emotional problems, nausea, diarrhea, menstrual cramp, chronic pain, joint and muscle pain and fibromyalgia.

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Phillip Ambrose
Quick,easy ,reliable excellent service
Christopher John
excellent guys..
Awesome experience - fast delivery, perfect quality seeds. Highly recommended! :o)

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