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Seedism Seeds Hex Feminised Seeds
Seedism Seeds Hex Feminised Seeds Seedism Seeds Hex Feminised Seeds

Seedism Seeds Hex Feminised Seeds

Seedism Seeds
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Seedism Seeds Hex Feminised Seeds Specs

C99 x BLZBud
Sativa/Indica hybrid.
Flowering Cycle : 9-10 weeks
Yields : High yielding strain
Potency : 18-21% THC, An intense combination of high THC and moderate CBD.

Seedism Cannabis Seeds Hex Feminised Seeds Info

Our first release of an BLZBud hybrid, California is slowly being taken over by the BLZBud and there are already some privately grown hybrids going around the dispenseries gaining popularity amongst the local farmers.
BLZBud on its own is already quite a complex hybrid with an unique Cannabinoid profile, the addition of the C99 creates an even sweeter taste, especially after curing.
As one of the most popular strains a few years ago, the C99 has kept us looking for her in Amsterdam, unfortunately the C99 never really made it to Holland with just a handfull of growers managing to obtain seeds or clones.
Only after the birth of the 4:20 event, a small and intimate gathering of mostly UK growers, did we get introduced to this wonderfully sweet tasting bud.
Unfortunately the C99 we have in our collection is one of those "clone-only" strains and no males were available of the C99 so all breeding projects would involve our male breeding stock.
The BLZBud was an instant choise for me personally, together these two strains would become a wild and pungent bouquet that could easily compete with the best strains on the market today.
A HEX is a magic spell, usually with malevolent purpose, and this herb should not be taken lightly or you might be forever seduced by her mystical effects.
And with six different strains in her genetic profile this Hexagon of a strain has got an incredibly diverse Cannabinoid profile, with a lot of THC variants building up an euphoric yet sedated state of consiousness.
In the mean time the high percentage of CBD will start relaxing your muscular tensions until you become unaware of most medium physical discomforts.
Although the initial strong buzz can fade away within 10 minutes after the onset, the euphoric and slight heightened senses stay on until the second wave of effects kick in with a slightly milder sedative effect that will last for a few hours until fading away altogether.
HEX is not a cure for physical discomforts, there are too many psycho-stimulating effects going on to sit still, the HEX taps into your higher functions and allows you to create a wonderful artistic experience.
The complexity of the genetic make up does give this strain a few different pheno's, but ranging from either the C99 to the BLZBud there is only lots of goodness coming to those who grow the HEX.

Seedism Seeds Reviews
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You guys are awesome !!! I always use you, your seeds have always been great, same with the delivery time and the discrete packaging is genius. But I did have a dud seed once ( Dr Krippling's Incredible Bulk ) which I was abit gutted about. It hasn't put me off buying from you and every seed I've bought since has been spot on.
Inspired Action
I will definitely be buying from here again, the seeds are great quality and the shipping is fast and very discrete! :)
Never any fuss and website is really informative. Rock on Herbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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