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Moby Dick Feminised Seeds
Moby Dick Feminised Seeds Moby Dick Feminised Seeds

Moby Dick Feminised Seeds Cup Winner

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Moby Dick Feminised Seeds Specs

Genetics Haze x White Widow
Type 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Height Outdoors Up To 3.5m
Flowering Time 60-70 Days
Harvest Mid/Late October
THC Content up to 21%
Yield Indoors 650 gr/m2, Outdoors 1500 gr/pp
Taste/Smell Wood, Citrus, Pine
Effects Relaxing
Grows Indoors / Outdoors
Awards 3rd Canarian Cannabis Cup 2009

Moby Dick Seeds Awards

2009 > Canarian Cannabis Cup > Cannabis Cup > 3rd

Moby Dick Feminised Seeds Info

Dinafem started its great history of a well-known seedbank with nothing else but the Moby Dick magic feminized seeds. Moby Dick is a glorious Sativa-dominant strain from Dinafem Seeds that can give impressing yields of clear happiness. A mixture of a Haze and a White Widow, this feminized cannabis strain is super easy to grow and THC-rich. Over the years, the strain got so many prizes at different cannabis competitions, that there is no doubt about its quality. No wonder it is so popular and keeps impressing growers even today.


Moby Dick – A Catchy Strain of All Times


Made by crossing Haze and White Widow genetics, Moby Dick is a 60% Sativa 40% Indica genotype. Combines features of both Sativa and Indica, the strain grows in a very strong and forgiving plant that is well-suited to different growing conditions and training methods, including LST, ScrOG, FIM, etc. Hence, it is a perfect choice for advanced growers and beginners.


A Ravenous Strain with Monstrous Yields


After a few weeks from germination, all branches get covered with plenty of mid-sized elongated leaves. This strain grows into a very tall and wide plant with lots of strong branches full of impressive buds. If grown outdoors, Moby Dick can reach 350 cm in best climate conditions, but even indoors, it can easily pass over 200 cm. Big internodal distances and spreading structure contribute to good air circulation in all parts of a plant. Moby Dick is a very strong strain that shows high resistance to any mold and fungus, which again makes her a delight for any grower.


During the flowering period buds increase very fast, especially in case a plant can get enough nutrients from the growing medium. This gorgeous strain will certainly thank for giving her plenty of foods. The flowering period lasts nearly 9-10 weeks and lasts about 90-100 days from sprout until happy harvest time. If maintained properly, Moby Dick can produce over 650 g/m2 indoors, or up to 1500 g/plant outdoors.


  • Outdoor growing is better in a mild warm climate.
  • Incredibly tall plant – it can reach 200-350 cm. Needs some extra space to grow.
  • Due to a dense structure needs good aeration.
  • High resistance to any mold and fungus.
  • Craves for more light and nutrients.
  • Strong smell – it is recommended using air filters.


A Long-Lasting Mental Journey


THC content is about 21%, so the effect comes very quickly and lasts for a long time. High is very psychoactive, uplifting and pleasant with a bit of relaxation. Moby Dick can also make you rather giggly so it can be hard to keep serious while doing something. Its aroma has typical fresh Haze lemon notes, with sweet undertones of tropical fruits. It can be rather strong and recognizable, so it’s recommended using a good air filtration system.

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Dinafem Seeds Reviews
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Keith Ridley
Great service and quick great product
Gina Leggat
Herbie is one coool dude
I can only comment on the delivery, not the seeds, and so far, so good.

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