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ExpoGrow 2015 Cannabis Fair

Herbie is always on the lookout for his next adventure and here it is, join us as we visit Expo Grow in Irún. The Cannabis fair will be held on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September. Be sure to stop by and say hi. However if you can’t make it, don’t worry! Herbie will keep you filled in with the best coverage and interviews. 
Guaranteed to be one of Europe’s biggest fairs where there will be around 500 accredited professionals and over 100 exhibitors, brands and companies, in a show that in its last edition had over 13,000 visitors. It’s only 200 meters from the French border and 2km from San Sebastian Airport. This is one of the most important and attractive cannabis fairs in the country and the first for the French Basque country, so team Herbies have to be there! It has a huge target audience, but has never held a fair of this kind. For example, last year 40% of visitors were French.
Ficoba which will host the show in 2015 which has more than 5,000 square meters of pavilions and 7,000 square feet outdoors. Open to both professionals and the public, EXPOGROW will continue to work on its objectives. Three of them have already been accomplished. These are to:
  • Become one of the main thematic fairs in Spain 2015.
  • Strengthen the assistance of professionals and French public and
  • Be the largest expo, with an area over 12.000m2.
In this huge show, EXPOGROW 2015 offers to professionals a unique business opportunity, the opportunity to connect with other experts in the hemp industry. For the visiting public there will be a range of developments in cannabis products, for all to share and enjoy. 

ExpoGrow 2015 Live Music and Concerts Third World from Jamaica!

Music has always been an important part of ExpoGrow, so it will be definitely worth the ticket price. One of the headline acts that will be present is Third world. Celebrating 42 years, ‘Reggae Ambassadors’, THIRD WORLD is one of the longest-lived Reggae bands of all time, and one of Jamaica’s most consistently popular crossover acts among international audiences.
Mixing in elements of R&B, funk, pop, and rock and, later on, dancehall and rap, Third World’s style has been described as “reggae-fusion”.
The Performances will take place in a real circus tent which covers 7,000m2! There will be room for relaxation and fun, with numerous parallel activities to the fair, such as human foosball, Basque rural sports, entertainment, outside deck area, outdoor stands, conferences and a food court for delicious food. This year everything is unified in the same price that will be affordable to all pockets. 
At the fair, all the most important companies and major brands in the industry will be present such as GHE Eurohydro, The Pure Factory, Strain Hunters Feeding Powder Magazine Hemp, Cannabis Magazine, Soft and Planete S Secret Factory, Barney's Farm Seeds, BlimBurn Seeds, CBD Crew, CBD Seeds, Delta 9 Lab Seeds, Dinafem Seeds, DNA Genetics, Genehtik Seeds, Green House Seeds, Hortilab Seeds, Kannabia Seeds, MAMA Publishing, Medical Cannabis Bike Tour, Mr. Nice Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Positronic Seeds, Pyramid Seeds, R Kiem Seeds, Resin Seeds, Ripper Seeds, Serious Seeds, Super Strains Seeds, Sweet Seeds, TH Seeds, Vision Seeds & Herbie himself!
Music has always been an important part of Expogrow, so no shortage this year's concert will be a novelty single price of Fair admission and performances. The artists who will accompany us are Dog, Dixeland, Little Pepe, Gordo Master, Uge, La Femme Belge, among others.
In our outdoor area of ​​7,000 m2 will have a real circus tent which will take place performances.
There will be room for relaxation and fun so we have a series of parallel activities on the grounds. Ideas for leisure activities such as human foosball, Basque rural sports, food court etc..

4th Social & International Cannabis Forum 2015

This year in the fourth edition of the International Social Forum guests will partake in a great debate with inspiring national & international personalities. During the fair and closely linked with the Renovatio Foundation, the forum will be headed by ETHAN NADELMANN. Ethan is the founder and manager of the Drug Policy Alliance, a nonprofit organization settled in NY and which the main goal is to fight against the war of drugs. It has been described by the Rolling Stone Magazine as the “active strength for the marihuana legalization in the U.S.”
Ethan Nadelmann is also known as a very relevant critical and analyst of the drug control policies in the United States and the rest of the world. He has written and teached a lot about drugs policies with interesting articles in the main publications as Science, National Review, American Heritage or Foreign Affairs. In 2012, his opinion about the number of imprisonments in the United States related with drugs was very clapped at the San Francisco Freedom Forum of the Human Rights Foundation.
Also taking part will be AUGUSTO VITALE,psychologist, social analyst and teacher, graduated at the Psychology Department of the Universidad de la República (Uruguay) and specialized in Social and institutional Psychology; and CHARLO GREENE who became a leader in cannabis activism in September 2014 when she publicly left her career as a news anchor to dedicate her life to fighting for cannabis reform with the famous “fuck it, I quit” resignation heard around the world.

Getting to ExpoGrow Irun 2015

Expogrow will be held in Ficoba (Gipuzkoa Exhibition Center) in the city of Irun (Basque Country). Just 200 meters from the French border, 2 km from San Sebastian International Airport and just over 1 hour's drive from Bilbao. ExpoGrow can be reached by the four most important means of transportation, plane, train, bus and car. Be sure to join team Herbies there.

ExpoGrow 2015 Tickets

With your ticket you can access the Cannabica, III Social and International Cannabis Forum, musicals and performances along with visiting the Activities Fair. Hours run from Friday and Saturday from 11am to 8pm, the outdoor areas with activities and performances will be on until 3am. Sunday will run from 11am to 8pm and the outdoor area of activities and performances will be on until 10pm.

ExpoGrow 2015 Prices

  • One Day Ticket - 10€-12€
  • Two Day Ticket - 20€
  • Three Day Ticket  - 25€
For more information visit http://www.expogrow.net/

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Results of the 2014 Expogrow in Irun:

1st Place – Critical 47 - Positronics
2nd Place – Sogouda - Soma Seeds
3rd Place – Lemon Bubble - Pheno Finders

1st Place – Ripper - Ripper Seeds
2nd Place – La Sage - THSeeds
3rd Place – Bubble Gum - THSeeds

1st Place – Big Devil XL - Sweet Seeds
2nd Place –  Bloody Skunk - Sweet Seeds
3rd Place – Custom X - Pure Seeds

1st Place — Tangie - DNA Genetics
2nd Place — Starbud Shatter - Hortilab Seeds
3rd Place — Lemon Skunk - DNA Genetics

1st Place — UK Cheese Auto - Dinafem
2nd Place — Bubble Gum - THSeeds
3rd Place — Resin Kush - Resin Seeds


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