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Amsterdam Cannabis Cup


Amsterdam Cannabis Cup


This year HIGH TIMES will be celebrating it's 27th year of hosting the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. This is a party you do not want to miss and the likes of which very few have seen.

All the biggest seed companies will be hosting from their booths at the week-long expo, trying to outdo eachother to impress the judges and win the biggest accolades. Everyone who attends also gets a say! you have the opportunity to vote for your favourite strains and company.

If you get to the point where you just can't possibly smoke anymore (come on, it's happened to the best of us) take a look around, you're in AMSTERDAMN! Go and see the sights, the city has so much to offer, friendly people, beautiful architecture and the most gorgeous sights!

Lifetime Achievement Award: Marc Emery


The 'Prince of Pot' himself, Marc Emery will be presented with the lifetime achievement award at the Cannabis Cup.

In 1990 Marc Emery began his cannabis activism when he launched a campaign to challenge Canada's 1987 ban on publications & paraphernalia in relation to marijuana - in particuar, HIGH TIMES magazine. Because of his ongoing efforts Emery realised his goal in 1995 when pot books and magazines were made legal.

Marc is most famous for starting a political, capitalist cannabis movement across Canada. In 1994, he started to sell cannabis seeds from which he took the profits and donated them to ballot initiatives, Canadian Supreme Court challenges, lawsuits against the US federal government & a huge array of campaigns. He donated $5 million to these causes. He notes the philosopher Ayn Rand and cannabis activist Jack Herer as his biggest influences.

Having been arrested 28 times for marijuana related offences, raided 5 times, jailed or imprisoned 23 times, Marc was released from jail this past August. He served a 5 year sentance in a US federal prison for selling seeds to which he admitted distributing 3 million seeds to the US from 1995 - 2005.

Marc coined the famous phrase, "Plant the Seeds of Freedom, Overgrow the Government," words that he has lived & stayed true to. We at Herbies salute him for all his efforts and this has been recognised by HIGH TIMES, where he will be presented with the Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award.

2014 Inductees to the Counterculture Hall of Fame: Sasha & Ann Shugin

A Pharmacologist and chemist, Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin, Ph.D., is known for his creation of new psychoactive chemicals. Sasha first tried mescaline in 1960, he then experimented with synthesizing chemicals with similar structures to mescaline, such as DOM.

Although he didn't invent MDMA, Sasha first synthesized it in 1965 but did not try it at the time. The effects of MDMA were described to Sasha in 1976 by an undergrad at San Francisco State University. This was the catalyst for Sasha to cook a batch of the drug, which he bgan to test on himself. From his results he found the compound had worthwhile qualities.

Leo Zeff, an Oakland psychologist who worked with psychedelics in his therapy practice, was introduced to the material in 1977 by Sasha. Word quickly spread outside the therapist community after Zeff introduced hundreds of therapists to MDMA. After the drug starting gaining notoriety Sasha synthesized and self tested hundreds of psychoactive chemicals. All his results have been recorded in five books and in over two hundred papers.

Becoming a staple of the psychedelic community, he regularly testified in court and granted frequent interviews. Sasha helped install into the world of self-experimentation and psychoactive ingestion, a sense of rational scientific thought.

Before MDMA was placed on the US government's list of banned controlled substances, Sasha's partner, Ann Shulgin conducted therapy sessions with MDMA. In her findings, Ann stressed the potential of these drugs from a psychoanalytic perspective, as well as their use in combination with hypnotherapy. Ann continually advocates the use of psychedelics in therapeutic contexts and often appears as a speaker at conventions on the matter.

Sasha and Ann have contributed to many books including the likes of Manifesting Minds: A Review of Psychedelics in Science, Medicine, Sex, and Spirituality, Thantos to Eros: 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration, The Secret Chief Revealed, Entheogens and the Future of Religion, Higher Wisdom: Eminent Elders Explore the Continuing Impact of Psychedelics and Ecstasy: The Complete Guide. They also wrote their own books, Pihkal and Tihkal.

In 2010 Sasha and Ann Shulgin were honoured at the Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century conference in San Jose, CA, for their lifetime achievements in the field.

On November 17, 2010 Sasha suffered a stroke. Although his recovery went well, Sasha continued to face a variety of age-related health challenges. Unfortunately on June 2nd, he died at home surrounded by friends and family.

Paul Daley, a long-time colleague of the Shulgins will represent the couple at the Cannabis Cup Awards, on Thursday.

Freedom Fighter of the Year: Robert Platshorn

Robert Platshorn is the longest imprisoned non-violent marijuana offendor, serving a 30 year sentance. He is also the author of Black Tuna Diaries. Raised in downtown Philadelphia, his acting ambitions earned him a supporting role in a successful off Broadway play. These same skills led to Robert being one of America's most famous pitchmen. He was called a "legend in the pitch business" by the late Billy Mays. Robert was seen for many years selling Vita Mix, frozen food knives and gadgets on TV, fairs and shows.

Moving to London at the age of 24 he found Dynamic Reading Institutes. All starting from a rented classroom it expanded within 3 years to where he had opened fourteen schools in three countries. Upon returning to the US he opened a Ice Cream Factory where he became the second biggest distributor of Breyers Ice Cream.

Platshorn then moved to Miami, FL to attend Law School in 1975. At that period Miami was the center of the Colombian pot trade and he decided to turn his business acumen to the mission of smuggling Colombian pot.

Robert's organisation was dubbed the "Black Tuna Gang" by the attorney general Griffin Bell. It is alleged that they were responsible for smuggling most of the marijuana crossing the Florida coast. In 1979, he quit the smuggling business but was indicted, convincted and sentanced to 64 years in federal prison. After serving almost 30 years in eleven different prisons, he was released in late 2008.

Two years later, he founded The Silver Touch whos purpose it was to teach seniors about the benefits of medical marijuana. Robert and his wife Lynne now reside in Florida, where he works  for medical marijuana. He actively helped by collecting signatures for this year's Florida ballot medical marijuana initiative. To promote the cause he has contantly appeared in the media, as well as speaking at universities, benefits, concerts and expos to tell his story.

HIGH TIMES are honoured to name Robert Platshorn as the HIGH TIMES Freedom Fighter of the Year for 2014!

Schedule of Events

Doors open at noon for all attendees
Sunday, November 23rd

"The Art of Cannabis Photography" presented by Dan Skye

"Expert Growers Speak Out" hosted by Danny Danko

Robert Connell Clarke presents "What Will Be the Future of Cannabis"

"Curing and Storing Award-Winning Cannabis" presented by James Loud and Mike Seeds

"DJ Party" at the Milkweg

Monday, November 24th 

"Moving from Medical Use to Full Legalization" presented by Keith Stroup

"Beginner Grow Tips for Indoor Cultivation: Get Growing Now!" presented by Nico Escondido

"Cannabis Cuisine of Ypur Dreams" presented by Elise McDonough


Deltron 3030 at the Milkweg

Tuesday, November 25th

"Grow Like a Pro" featuring live Q&A presented by Nico Escondido

"Breeding Feminised Seeds the BC Bud Depot Way"

"The Military-Industrial Complex vs. the Cannabis-Industrial Complex" presented by Soma

A live episode of Free Weed From Danny Danko featuring top cultivation experts

Action Bronson at the Milkweg

Wednesday, November 26th

"Farm Report: Memories of Alexander and Ann Shulgin" presented by Paul Daley

"Stop Wasting Time and Money Preaching to the Choir" presented by Robert Platshorn

"The Greenhouse & Strain Hunters: Creators of Champions" presented by Arjan & Franco

"Twenty Years of the Pollinator" presented by Mila

Judge's Night
Visit Amsterdams coffeshops and sample the strains entered at the Cannabis Cup!

Thursday, November 27th

"Rare Dankness and River Rock Colorado: The new recreational laws of Colorado" presented by Scott

"Cali Connection: The High-flying Future" presented by Swerve

"DNA: Creating Champions the DNA Way" presented by Don & Aaron

The 27th Cannabis Cup Awards ceremony presented at the Milkweg followed by Rebelution and Dirty Heads.

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