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Herbies Updates 12th February 2018

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates 12th February 2018

Back In Stock – You can see the full listing here

Top Shelf Elite Auto Gorillagasm Fems
Expert Gorilla Glue #4 Auto Fems
Holy Smoke Strawberry Stardawg Fems
Green House Big Bang Fems (Cup Winner)
Original Sensible Purple Haze Auto Fems


New Strains Added – You can see the full list here

Auto Amnesia

Auto Amnesia

Advanced Auto Amnesia Feminised Seeds

Original Amnesia x Haze Auto

Powerful and long lasting mental effects

14% THC

450-500 gr/m2





Trippy Gorilla

Trippy Gorilla

Big Head Trippy Gorilla Auto Feminised Seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 x Bighead #1

25-28% THC

Pine and citrus flavour and aroma

Uplifting, creative and strong






Julie's Cookies

Julie’s Cookies

Big Head Julie’s Cookies Auto Feminised Seeds

Girl Scout Cookie Genetics

22-26% THC

Cinnamon and fruitcake flavours

9 Weeks flowering






Barneys Farm have released 6 new regular strains:

Barneys Widow Remedy Regs
Barneys Pineapple Haze Regs
Barneys CBD Caramel Regs
Barneys Afghan Hash Plant Regs
Barneys Critical Kush Regs
Barneys G13 Haze Seeds


00 Seeds have released 5 new strains:

00 Seeds Blueberry Fems
00 Seeds Auto Sweet Critical Fems
00 Seeds 00 Skunk Fems
00 Seeds Auto Afghan Mass XXL Fems
00 Seeds Critical Poison Fems


Sweet Seeds have released 9 new strains:

Sweet Gorilla Girl Fems
Sweet Sweet Pure CBD Fems
Sweet Sweet Amnesia Haze Fems
Sweet Green Poison XL Auto Fems
Sweet Green Poison CBD Fems
Sweet Ice Cool CBD Fems
Sweet Black Jack CBD Fems
Sweet Honey Peach Auto CBD Fems
Sweet Chem Beyond Diesel CBD Fems


Offers – You can see all of our offers here

Valentines Offer

Valentines Offer

For a limited time only we have 10% off all NIrvana Seeds

Ripper Seeds – Get a pack of Ripper Badazz Regs and a keyring with all Ripper Seeds purchases

Big Head seeds – 1 free seed with every 5 pack and 2 with every 10 pack. Free seed picked from Crystal Gelato, Sherbert Dab, Trippy Gorilla, Julies Cookies or Dawstar Dawg

Dr Underground – 1 Free Crystal Meth with every 4 pack, 2 free with every 8 pack of Dr Underground Seeds purchased

Top Shelf Elite – 1 free Francisco Sour Dough or Gorillagasm with every 5 pack, 2 free with every 10 pack of Top Shelf Elite seeds purchased

Heavyweight Seeds – Buy Heavyweight Seeds from our autoflowering site and get 1 free Heavyweight Fully Loaded Auto with every 5 pack or 2 free with every 10 pack of Heavyweight Seeds purchased

Heavyweight Seeds – Buy Heavyweight Seeds from our main site and get 1 free Heavyweight Monster Profit Fem  with every 5 pack or 2 free with every 10 pack of Heavyweight Seeds purchased

Applies to all UK orders over £100 – for a limited time only:




Spannabis 2017

Spannabis 2017

Spannabis 2017

Spannabis 2017 Winners

Spannabis was held in Fira de Cornella in Barcelona on 10th, 11th and 12th March 2017.

In addition to the Spannabis awards, music bands such as Zebrass, Dreamtrip and DJ Stonermanbrujo and many more were there to entertain over the 3 days.

The 3rd edition of the World Cannabis Conference was held in the Auditorium of Cornelia and consisted of high ranking individuals from the fields of science, medicine, politics and of course the cannabis culture. The conference relayed all of the advances and efforts conducted over the past years in the cannabis field and how that is is essential to move towards the regulation of cannabis from an international perspective and to understand the medical requirements and the advances made despite prohibition.

Spannabis Awards 2017

The Winners

Best Seed Bank – Genehtik Seeds
Best Stand – Genehtik Seeds, Genehtik Nutrients
Best Paraphernalia Product – South Plant, Da Vinci Vaporizer
Best Cultivation Product – Crazy Leds & More, California Light
Best Nutrient – BAC, Organic Bloom
Best Hemp Product – Naturflow, Mead with hemp

Best Indica

1. Crystal Candy – Sweet Seeds
2. Bom-bón – Madre Naturaleza Growshop
3. Kanela – Planta y Punto

Best Sativa

1. Purple Lemon Cookies – The Plug BCN & Bud Doctor
2. Acid Dough – Ripper Seeds
3. Amnesia Hoy – Pro de El Placer de la Vida

Best CBD

1. Orinoco – Planta y Punto
2. CBD PiHaze – CBD Botanic
3. OG Kush CBD – Dinafem

Best Solvent Extractions

1. Banana Kush – Harmony Extracts
2. Sour Mandarina – DabulousDaboritree
3. SugarWax – Ripper Seeds

Best Solventless Extractions

1. Super Orange Glue – Lady Sativa Genetics (extracted by Smokey)
2. Super Ripper Dry Hush – Ripper Seeds (feat. Grow Castellet)
3. Cookie Fam Snowman Rosin – Certified Cookie Fam

Highest THC

Knightsbridge OG – Lady Sativa Genetics

Highest CBD

CBD PiHaze – CBD Botanic

Best BHO

Clean Confidential OG – The Kush Brothers Seeds


Expogrow Cup Winners 2016

Expogrow 2016

Expogrow 2016

Expogrow Cup Winners 2016

Expogrow, one of the great events of the cannabis culture, once again took place in September. A different trade show that attracted experts and professionals of the cannabis industry, kindred spirit visitors and other curious people attracted by this theme.

This 5th edition of Expogrow took place during the 16, 17 and 18th September 2016 at the Ficoba fairgrounds in Irún (Basque Country). The show, with more than 6000 m2 spread out in 4 pavilions and  an outdoor area of 7000 m2, offered a huge variety of stands exhibiting products like seeds, paraphernalia, vaporizers, fertilizers, etc. all of them related to the cannabis and its cultivation.

The Winners 2016:

Best Sativa:

1st Exotic Seeds – Exotic Thai
2nd Ripper Seeds – Acid Dough
3rd Serious Seeds – Bubble Gum

Best Indica:

1st Pheno Finder Seeds – Sour Walker
2nd Plantformers – Lechee Cookies
3rd Green House Seeds – GH Kush

Best Mechanical Extraction:

1st Ripper Seeds – Toxic
2nd House of the great gardener – René
3rd Dinafem – Mil flores / Ripper Seeds – Washing Machine

Best Autoflower Genetics:

1st Exotic Seeds – Monster Hash
2nd Exotic Seeds – Black Lemon
3rd Barneys Farm – Blue Cheese

Ripper Seeds – Cup Winning Breeder

Ripper Seeds Cup Winning Breeder

Ripper Seeds Cup Winning Breeder

Using varieties that they found back in 2000 when the growshop industry was born, Ripper Seeds was founded in 2011 and now offers a selection of feminised seeds, six of which are cup winners.

Ripper Seeds Old School

Ripper Seeds Old School


Old School has won the 1st Place in the Bio Cup at the 2014 Spannabis Champions Cup. With its sweet and potent flavour, floral and earthy aromas it delivers a strong and powerful incomparable physical and mental relaxing state.






Ripper Seeds Sour Ripper

Ripper Seeds Sour Ripper


Ripper Sour has won three awards, 1st place in the Best Sativa category at 2014 Expogrow, 2nd Best Sativa at Expogrow 2015 and also in 2005 2nd Best Extraction at the Spannabis Champions Cup. It has typical sativa growth, wide spaces in between branches and is appreciated by cannabis collectors.







Ripper Seeds Toxic

Ripper Seeds Toxic

A Ripper Haze and Criminal+ blend, Ripper Toxic is a 60% sativa strain which has won two awards; 1st place at the 2013 Spannabis Champions Cup and 2nd Best Solvent at the 2015 Expogrow event. It is a strain that is very resistant to pests and mold aswell as being a high producer of strong and powerful buds. Its most recent award was 1st place for Best Mechanical Extraction at the 2016 Expogrow event.







Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Washing Machine has recently been awarded 3rd place for Best Mechanical Extraction at the 2016 Expogrow. Origination from an original UK Cheese clone and mixing with a Bubble Kush clone. The result is an Indica dominant strain which has high yields and a smell reminiscent of moist soil and licorice.








Acid Dough

Acid Dough

Winning 2nd Best Sativa at the 2016 Expogrow and the same category and place at the following 2017 Expogrow, Ripper Acid Dough is a surprising mix as its genetics do not come from the classic “business” lines. A cross of Lilly (Queen Mother x Congo) and the OG Badazz. With the perfect flavour of sweet and sour like pineapple candy and its high yields it is easy to see why it is an award winner. It has most recently also walked away with the 2nd Best Sativa prize at the Spannabis 2017 Champions Cup.







Grape Gum

Grape Gum

Ripper Grape Gum won the Best Extraction Without Solvents category in the recent Expogrow 2017 awards. A tangy, sweet flavoured variety which has a very balanced and relaxing effect.