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Herbies Headshop Updates 3rd July 2018

Herbies Headshop Herbies Bulk Seeds

Herbies Headshop Herbies Bulk Seeds

Herbies Headshop Updates 3rd July 2018

Greetings from Herbies!

Here are the latest updates at Herbies Headshop. We have now added 4 new strains to our bulk seeds catalogue, 2 new autos; Northern Lights Auto, Jack Herer Auto, and 2 new CBD options; CBD Lemon Skunk and CBD White Widow.


Back in stock – You can see the full listing on our Back In Stock page

We have the whole collection of Sumo Seeds available again and some new strains added to the collection.

Short Stuff Automatic #1
Bulldog Jack Herer Fems

New strains added – you can see the full listing on our New Seeds page

Sumo Seeds

CBD Blackberry Crumble – CBD Blueberry x CBD Blackberry, 70% Indica, Low THC High CBD, Fruity, berry flavours

CBD Caramel Cookie – White Caramel Cookie x CBD Kong’s Kush, 85% Indica, 9-10 weeks flowering, Low THC High CBD, fruity berry flavours

West Coast Bubbles – Bubblicious x LA Confidential, 70% Indica, creative and euphoric effects, fruity and sweet flavour, 8-9 weeks flowering

Violets Wonder – Thunderberry x Amnesia Ganja Haze, 70% Sativa, Very High THC, Clear headed high, berry flavour with lemon aftertaste

Strawberry Cream – Goji Haze x Strawberry Haze, 80% Sativa, 10-11 weeks flowering, Sweet strawberry flavour and aromas, energetic effects

Pommelo Pine – Grapefruit x White Widow Original, 80% Sativa, Very high THC, low CBD, Citrus lemon and pine flavours

Maroc Rouge – USA Purps x Early Rif Sativa, 85% Sativa, 8 weeks flowering, high THC, Energetic effect, floral and sweet flavours

Orbital G Diesel – Sumos OG Kush x Sweet Harlem Diesel, 65% Indica, 9-10 weeks flowering, spicy woody pine flavours, relaxing and euphoric effects

Frozen Tangie – Lazy Ice x Cinderellas, 70% Sativa, 9-10 weeks flowering, very high THC, Sweet fruity grapefruit flavours

Crimson Skunk – Master Skunk x Oaxaca Sativa, 65% Indica, 9-10 weeks flowering, High THC, Low CBD, Pingent skunk with hints of citrus flavour, body stoned effect

Cinderellas – Oaxacan Sativa x Cinderella 88, 85% Sativa, 8-9 weeks flowering, very high THC, low CBD, stays short indoors, psychoactive cerebral effect

Canadian Sour – BC Skunk x Amnesia Ganja Haze, 60% Sativa, Fruity and exotic flavours, slightly sour aroma, euphoric effects

After 8 OG – Sumo’s OG Kush x Purple Urkel, 80% Indica, very high THC, Earthy chocolate and mint flavours

West Coast Bubbles Auto – West Coast Bubbles x Ruderalis, 60% Indica, 10 weeks flowering, very short at 40-60cm indoors, sweet chewing gum flavours, relaxing effects

Aurora Green Auto – Aurora Green x Ruderalis, 60% Indica, 11-12 weeks flowering, Herbal earthy and minty flavours, heavy body stone effect

Violet’s Wonder Auto – Violets Wonder x Ruderalis, 70% Sativa, 10-11 weeks flowering, 60-80cm indoors, citrus sweet and earthy flavours, social high.


Big Head Wedding Cake

Big Head Wedding Cake

Big Head Wedding Cake Fems

Cookie Cross

Indica Dominant

20-25% THC

Relaxing, happy, euphoric effect





Big Head Bruce Banger

Big Head Bruce Banger

Big Head Bruce Banger Fems

Kush x Diesel

9-10 weeks flowering

20-26% THC

Energising and creative mood boosting effects




New breeder – The Plug

Strawnana Wifi Regs – Strawberry Banana Cream x Wifi OG, 60% Sativa, Sour earthy diesel flavours, social and creative effects

Double Banana Sherbet Fems – Sour Banana Sherbet x Strawberry Banana Cream, Heavy hitter, 75% sativa, sour fruit and diesel flavours

Sour Crisp Cookies Fems – Cookie Crisp x Sour Dubble, 70% Sativa, 8-9 weeks flowering, real cookie flavours, pungent aromas

Blue OG Sherbet Fems – Blue Sherbet x Fire OG, 90% Sativa, 8 weeks flowering, smells of lemon pledge

Sherb Tree Fems – Blue Sherbet x Lemon Tree, 65% Sativa, 8-9 weeks flowering, lemon taste, powerful punch, cerebral and physically relaxing

Blue Sherbet S1 Fems – Blue Cookies x Sunset Sherbet, 85% Sativa, 8-9 weeks flowering, exotic flavours and powerful cerebral punch


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Barneys Farm Offer

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Freedom of Seeds Offer

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