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Barneys Farm Seeds – Cup Winning Breeder

Barneys Farm Cup Winning Breeder

Barneys Farm Cup Winning Breeder

Barneys Farm have won no less than 18 awards from back in 2001, where their first winner, Sweet Tooth won the 1st place Cannabis Cup at the High Times Cannabis Cup . Since then, they have gone on to win many more awards and are a best selling breeder at Herbies.

Cups that they have acclaimed are the High Times Cups, Amsterdam Unity Cup, Treating Yourself Expo, Spannabis and the Canarian Cannabis Cup. The winning strains are listed below.

Acapulco Gold
Bad Azz Kush
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese Auto
Cookies Kush
Crimea Blue 
Critical Kush 
G13 Haze
Laughing Buddha
Liberty Haze
Morning Glory
Sweet Tooth
Tangerine Dream
Triple Cheese
Utopia Haze
Vanilla Kush
Violator Kush



All Cup Winning Strains Alphabetical List

The following list is the strain names of all of the cup winners that Herbies have listed on their site.


Acapulco Gold – Barneys Farm Seeds
Acid Dough – Ripper Seeds
AK47 – Serious Seeds
Alegria – Kiwi Seeds
AllKush (Sheherazade) – Paradise Seeds
Amnesia Auto Autoflowering – Kera Seeds
Amnesia – World of Seeds
Amnesia Haze – Royal Queen Seeds
Amnesia Haze – Soma Seeds
Amnesia Mac Ganja – Kera Seeds
Amnesia Mistery – Positronics Seeds
Amnesia Original – Dinafem Seeds
Amnesika 2.0 – Philosopher Seeds
Amsterdam Cheese (Crazy Mouse) – Kera Seeds
Arjan’s Haze #1 – Green House Seeds
Arjans Ultra Haze #1 – Green House Seeds
Arjans Ultra Haze #2 – Green House Seeds
Atomical Haze – Paradise Seeds
Auto Stilton Autoflowering – Philosopher Seeds
Automatic Cheese – Dinafem Seeds
AutoNight Queen Autoflowering – Dutch Passion Seeds
Auto Jack – Paradise Seeds


Bad Azz Kush – Barneys Farm Seeds
Bay 11 – Grand Daddy Genetics
BC Blueberry – BC Bud Depot Seeds
BC God Bud – BC Bud Depot Seeds
BC Rockstar – BC Bud Depot Seeds
BC Sweet God – BC Bud Depot Seeds
BC Sweet Island Skunk – BC Bud Depot Seeds
Bella Donna – Paradise Seeds
Biddy Early – Serious Seeds
Big Bang – Green House Seeds
Big Bud – Sensi Seeds
Big Devil XL Auto Autoflowering – Sweet Seeds
Black Domina – Sensi Seeds
Black Mamba (Mamba Negra) – BlimBurn Seeds
Black Russian – Delicious Seeds
Blackwater – Cali Connection Seeds
Bloody Skunk Auto Autoflowering – Sweet Seeds
Blueberry (Original) – Dutch Passion Seeds
Blue Cheese Automatic – Big Buddha Seeds
Blue Cheese Auto – Barneys Farm Seeds
Blue Cheese – Barneys Farm Seeds
Blue Cheese – Big Buddha Seeds
Blue Haze – Homegrown Fantaseeds Seeds
Blue Mystic – Nirvana Seeds
Blue Widow – Dinafem Seeds
Blueberry – Dutch Passion Seeds
Bubba Kush – Green House Seeds
Bubbledawg aka Chicle – TH Seeds
Bubble Gum – Serious Seeds
Bubblegum – TH Seeds
Buddha Tahoe – Big Buddha Seeds
Buddha’s Sister – Soma Seeds


Caboose – Strain Hunters Seeds
California Orange – Dutch Passion
Cannalope Haze – DNA Genetics Seeds
Cannatonic – Resin Seeds
Caramel Ice – Positronics Seeds
Caramelo – Delicious Seeds
Casey Jones – Devils Harvest Seeds
CBD Auto Compassion Lime – Dutch Passion
CBD Rene – House of the Great Gardener Seeds
CBD Skunk Haze – CBD Crew Seeds
CBD Warlock – Serious Seeds
CH.1 – Homegrown Fantaseeds Seeds
Channel+ – Medical Seeds
Cheese – Green House Seeds
Cheese (Original) – Big Buddha Seeds
Cheese Automatic – Dinafem Seeds
Chemdog – Green House Seeds
Chicle aka Bubbledawg – TH Seeds
Chocolope – DNA Genetics Seeds
Chronic – Serious Seeds
Chrystal – Nirvana Seeds
Church (The)  – Green House Seeds
Cinderella 99 BX-1 – Mosca Seeds
Cole Train – Reserva Privada Seeds
ComPassion – Dutch Passion Seeds
Confidential OG – The Kush Brothers
Cookies Kush – Barneys Farm Seeds
Cream Caramel – Sweet Seeds
Cream Caramel Auto – Sweet Seeds
Crimea Blue – Barneys Farm Seeds
Critical #47 – Positronics Seeds
Critical Jack – Dinafem Seeds
Critical Kali Mist – Delicious Seeds
Critical Kush – Barneys Farm Seeds
Critical Mass – Mr Nice Seeds
Critical x Jack Herer Auto Autoflowering – Delicious Seeds
Crystal Candy – Sweet Seeds


Dancehall – Reggae Seeds
Darkstar – TH Seeds
DeadHead OG – Cali Connection Seeds
Deep Shag – Feminised Seed Co Seeds
Delahaze – Paradise Seeds
Devils Glue – Devils Harvest Seeds
Dieseltonic – Resin Seeds
Double Dutch – Serious Seeds
Double Gum – White Label Seeds
Double Tangie Banana – DNA Genetics Seeds
Dutch Dragon – Paradise Seeds
Dynamite – Next Generation Seeds


Early Skunk – Sensi Seeds
Edge (The) – Dutch Passion Seeds
Ed Rosenthal Super Bud – Sensi Seeds
El Alquemista – Samsara Seeds
El Nino – Green House Seeds
Euforia – Dutch Passion Seeds
Euphoria – Royal Queen Seeds
Excalibur – Eva Seeds
Exodus Cheese – Green House Seeds
Exotic Colours – Exotic Seeds
Exotic Thai – Exotic Seeds


Flo OG – Rare Dankness Seeds
Frisian Dew Autoflowering – Dutch Passion Seeds
Fruity Thai – Ceres Seeds


G13 Haze – Barneys Farm Seeds
G13 Haze X Buddha’s Sister – Soma Seeds
GG#1 – House of the Great Gardener Seeds
Ghost Train Haze #1 – Rare Dankness Seeds
Girl Scout Cookies – BC Bud Depot Seeds
Girl Scout Cookies – Cali Connection Seeds
Goji OG – Bodhi Seeds
Grape Gum – Ripper Seeds
Great White Shark – Green House Seeds
Green Crack – Cali Connection Seeds
Guanabana – BlimBurn Seeds


Haoma – House of the Great Gardener Seeds
Hash Plant – Sensi Seeds
Hawaiian Snow – Green House Seeds
Haze Automatic Autoflowering – Big Buddha Seeds
Headband – Loud Seeds
Hindu Kush – Sensi Seeds
Holy Grail Kush – DNA Genetics Seeds


Ice Cream – Paradise Seeds
Indica x Sativa White Panther – John Sinclair Seeds
Industrial Plant Auto CBD Autoflowering – Dinafem Seeds


Jack Diesel – Positronics Seeds
Jack Flash – Sensi Seeds
Jack Flash #5 – Sensi Seeds
Jack Herer – Sensi Seeds
Jack La Mota – Medical Seeds
Jacky White – Paradise Seeds
JillyBean – TGA Subcool Seeds
Jorges Diamond – Dutch Passion Seeds


K-13 Haze – Philosopher Seeds
Kaia Kush – Apothecary Genetics Seeds
Kali Mist – Serious Seeds
Kandy Kush – Reserva Privada Seeds
Kannabia Special – Kannabia Seeds
Karamelo aka Kreamy Karamel – Kannabia Seeds
KC 33 – KC Brains Seeds
KC39 – KC Brains Seeds
Killer Kush F1 Fast Version – Sweet Seeds
King’s Kush – Green House Seeds
Knightsbridge OG – Lady Sativa Genetics Seeds
Kong – Holy Smoke Seeds
Kosher Kush – Reserva Privada Seeds
K-Train – Green House Seeds
Kushage – TH Seeds
Kushberry – DNA Genetics Seeds


L.S.D – Barneys Farm Seeds
La Blanca – Kannabia Seeds
LA Cheese – Big Buddha Seeds
LA Confidential – DNA Genetics Seeds
La Nina – Mr Nice Seeds
LA S.A.G.E – TH Seeds
Larry OG Kush – Cali Connection Seeds
Laughing Buddha – Barneys Farm Seeds
Lavender – Soma Seeds
Leda Uno – KC Brains Seeds
Lemon – De Sjamaan Seeds
Lemon Bubble – Pheno Finder Seeds
Lemon Skunk – Green House Seeds
Lemon Skunk – DNA Genetics Seeds
Liberty Haze – Barneys Farm Seeds
Louie XIII OG – Apothecary Genetics Seeds


Mako Haze – Kiwi Seeds
Mamba Negra (Black Mamba) – BlimBurn Seeds
Mango – KC Brains Seeds
Mango Tango – Elemental Seeds
Master Kush – Dutch Passion
Master Kush – Nirvana Seeds
Master Kush – White Label Seeds
Matanuska Tundra – Sagarmatha Seeds
Mataro Blue – Kannabia Seeds
Mazar – Dutch Passion Seeds
Medical Mass – Royal Queen Seeds
Missing in Barcelona – Eva Seeds
MK Ultra – TH Seeds
MOB – TH Seeds
Moby Dick – Dinafem Seeds
Money Maker – Strain Hunters Seeds
Mongolian Indica – Sagarmatha Seeds
Monster Mash Auto – Exotic Seeds
Moonshine Haze – Rare Dankness Seeds
Morning Glory – Barneys Farm Seeds
Mother’s Finest – Sensi Seeds
Motivation (Warlock x Sensi Star) – Serious Seeds
Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant – Sensi Seeds
Mt Cook – Kiwi Seeds


Nebula – Paradise Seeds
Negra 44 – R Kiem Seeds
Night Nurse – BC Bud Depot Seeds
NL #5 x Haze – Sensi Seeds
NL5 Haze Mist – Green House Seeds
Northern Lights – Pyramid Seeds
Northern Lights – Royal Queen Seeds
Northern Lights – Sensi Seeds
Northern Lights x Big Bud – World of Seeds
NYC Diesel – Soma Seeds


OG #18 (The) – Reserva Privada Seeds
O.G #18 x Skunk
– DNA Genetics Seeds
OG Kush – Reserva Privada Seeds
OG Kush CBD – Dinafem Seeds
OG Reek’n – Devils Harvest Seeds
Old School – Ripper Seeds
Opium – Paradise Seeds
Orange Diesel – Lady Sativa Genetics Seeds
Orange Hill Special – Dutch Passion Seeds
Original Blueberry – Dutch Passion Seeds
Original Cheese – Big Buddha Seeds


Painkiller – Dr Underground Seeds
Pandora Autoflowering – Paradise Seeds
Papa’s Candy – Eva Seeds
Peace Maker – De Sjamaan Seeds
Portela – R Kiem Seeds
Pot Of Gold – Flying Dutchman Seeds
Pre 98 Bubba BX2 – Cali Connection Seeds
Prozac – Medical Seeds
Pure Kush – Green House Seeds
Purple Afghan Kush – Dinafem Seeds
Purple Haze #1 – Positronics Seeds
Purps (The) – BC Bud Depot Seeds
Purple Strawberry Bliss – Pheno Finders



Rays Choice – Kiwi Seeds
Reclining Buddha – Soma Seeds
ReCon – DNA Genetics Seeds
Remo Chemo – Dinafem Seeds
Rene – House Of The Great Gardener
Respect – Reggae Seeds
Rock Bud – Soma Seeds
Rollex OG Kush – Devils Harvest Seeds
Royal Haze Autoflowering – Royal Queen Seeds
Royal Moby – Royal Queen Seeds
Rug Burn OG – Rare Dankness Seeds


Sage – TH Seeds
Sage n Sour – TH Seeds
San Fernando Lemon Kush – Sweet Seeds
Sensi Star – Paradise Seeds
Serious 6 – Serious Seeds
SFV OG Kush – Cali Connection Seeds
Shaman – Dutch Passion Seeds
Shamans High – De Sjamaan Seeds
Sharksbreath – DNA Genetics Seeds
Sheherazade (Allkush) – Paradise Seeds
Shining Silver Haze – Royal Queen Seeds
Shiva Shanti – Sensi Seeds
Shoreline – Devils Harvest Seeds
Silver Haze – Sensi Seeds
Skunk – Sensi Seeds
Skunk Auto Flowering – Strain Hunters Seeds
Sleestack – DNA Genetics Seeds
Sogouda – Soma Seeds
Somari – Soma Seeds
Sour Amnesia – Hortilab Seeds
Sour Grapes – Apothecary Genetics Seeds
Sour Power – Hortilab Seeds
Sour Ripper – Ripper Seeds
Sour Walker – Pheno Finder Seeds
Special – Kannabia Seeds
Special Queen No.1 – Royal Queen Seeds
Star Bud – Hortilab Seeds
Star Killer – Rare Dankness Seeds
Starberry – Hortilab Seeds
Starbud Sister – Hortilab Seeds
Stilton Autoflowering – Philosopher Seeds
Stonehedge – Sagarmatha Seeds
Sugar Black Rose – Delicious Seeds
Super Crystal – Homegrown Fantaseeds Seeds
Super Lemon Haze – Green House Seeds
Super Orange Glue – Lady Sativa Genetics
Super Silver – Dinafem Seeds
Super Silver Haze – Green House Seeds
Super Skunk – Sensi Seeds
Super Skunk Automatic – White Label Seeds
Super Skunk Automatic  – Sensi Seeds
Supercheese – Positronics Seeds
Sweet Mango Automatic – Green House Seeds
Sweet Tooth – Barneys Farm Seeds


Tahoe OG Kush – Cali Connection Seeds
Tangerine Dream – Barneys Farm Seeds
Tangerine Kush – Rare Dankness Seeds
Tangie – DNA Genetics Seeds
The Church – Green House Seeds
The Edge – Dutch Passion Seeds
The OG #18 – Reserva Privada Seeds
The Purps – BC Bud Depot Seeds
The Truth – True Canna Genetics Seeds
Toxic – Ripper Seeds
Triple Cheese – Barneys Farm Seeds
True OG – Elemental Seeds


Underdawg Kush – TH Seeds
Utopia Haze – Barneys Farm Seeds


Vanilla Kush – Barneys Farm Seeds
Veneno – Eva Seeds
Violator Kush – Barneys Farm Seeds
Vortex – TGA Subcool Seeds


Warlock – Serious Seeds
Washing Machine – Ripper Seeds
White Berry – Paradise Seeds
White Haze – White Label Seeds
White Panther – Ceres Seeds
White Rhino – Green House Seeds
White Russian – Serious Seeds
White Widow – Green House Seeds
Widow 2004 – De Sjamaan Seeds
Wreckage – TH Seeds
White Panther – John Sinclair Seeds



Y Griega – Medical Seeds
Yumbolt – Sagarmatha Seeds