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Herbies Seeds Updates 5th September 2018

Herbies Seeds FREE Delivery UK Customers

Herbies Seeds FREE Delivery UK Customers

Herbies Seeds Updates 5th September 2018

Free UK Delivery September Offer

For UK customers if you place an order over £50 with Herbies Seeds in September and pay in cash you will receive FREE delivery. This will automatically be deducted from your order.


Back in Stock – You can see the full list of recently back in stock items here

BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies (Cup winner)
Spliff Seeds Haze No 1 Regs


New Additions – You can see the full list of new strains here


GDP Candyland

GDP Candyland

Grand Daddy Purp Candyland Feminised Seeds

Sativa Dominant

Bay Platinum Cookies x GDP

14-19% THC

Ideal muscle relaxant and pain reliever



GDP Bay 11

GDP Bay 11

Grand Daddy Purp Bay 11 Feminised Seeds (Cup Winner)


Helps sleeping disorders and pain

Won 1st Place Sativa Cup at 2011 Medical Cannabis Cup

Fruity flavour, 9-10 weeks flowering





Genehtik Blubonik

Genehtik Blubonik

Genehtik Blubonik Feminised Seeds

Kootenay Blueberry x Blueberry

Taste and smell of blueberry – as expected

Strong Indica, Very narcotic

Up to 1300 gr/pp yield outdoors



Genehtik Sweet Bilbo

Genehtik Sweet Bilbo

Genehtik Sweet Bilbo Feminised Seeds

Sweet Tooth genetics

Fruity and earthy flavours and aromas

Indica, but effects have slight sativa influence



New offers and promotions – you can see all of our offers on our free seeds page

Sensi Seeds – For a limited time only get 10% off ALL Sensi Seeds

World Of Seeds – For a limited time only get 10% of ALL World of Seeds

Delicious Seeds – For a limited time only get 10% off ALL Delicious Seeds

Samsara Seeds – For a limited time only get 10% off ALL Samsara Seeds



Humboldt Seeds – Buy Humboldt Green Crack Fems in packs of 10 or 25 and get the same pack size free

Dinafem Seeds – Buy packs of Amnesia XXL Auto, Cheese XXL Auto or White Widow XXL Auto and get the same pack size free (applies to 1,3,5,10 pack sizes)

White Label Seeds – Buy a 5 pack of Purple Bud and get a pack of 5 free

Expert Seeds – Buy any pack of Expert Seeds and get the same free


Other Offers

Dutch Passion Summer Fruit Festival – get 3 Auto Daiquiri lime free with fruity fem and auto strains (fem strains include Blueberry, Californian Orange, Lemon Zkittle, Orange Bud, Orange Hill Special, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Cough, Critical Orange Punch – Autos include Blackberry Kush, Blueberry, Daquiri Lime, Orange Bid, CBD Auto Compassion Lime, Orange Bud, CBD Auto Compassion Lime, Critical Orange Punch.


Herbies Updates 31st January 2018

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates 31st January 2018

Back in stock – You can see the full listing here

Serious AK47 Fems (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Chem 91 SK VA Regs
Cali Connection Tahoe OG Kush Regs (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection DeadHead OG Regs (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Pre 98 Bubba BX2 Regs (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Blackwater Regs (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Original Sour Diesel Regs
Cali Connection Chem 4 OG Regs
Cali Connection Buddha Tahoe OG Regs
DNA Genetics Lemon OG Kush Fems
Seeds of Africa Mozambica Regs
Cali Connection Jedi Kush Regs
Kiwi Hindu Kush Fems
Cali Connection 818 Headband Regs
Cali Connection Alien OG Fems
Cali Connection Strawberry OG Fems
Purple Caper Chocolate Tonic Regs
Purple Caper White OG Regs
Purple Caper Grand Caper Regs
Purple Caper Gorilla Glue BX Regs
Expert Gorilla Glue #4 Fems
Mephisto Alien vs Triangle Auto Fems
Brothers Grimm Apollo 11 Regs
Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto Fems
Ripper Zombie Kush Fems


New Strains Added – You can see the full listing here

Ace Purple Haze x Malawi

Ace Purple Haze x Malawi

Ace Purple Haze x Malawi Regs

100% Sativa

13-16 weeks flowering

F1 Hybrid, Purple Haze x Killer Malawi

Also available in Feminised variety



Dark Ghost Train

Dark Ghost Train

Rare Dankness Dark Ghost Train Fems

Grape Ape x Ghost Train Haze #1

55-65 days flowering

Powerful High, Grape flavours




Rare Dankness Drama

Rare Dankness Drama

Rare Dankness Drama Fems

Triangle x Ghost OG

60-65 days flowering

Taste and smell of OG



Mendocino Skunk

Mendocino Skunk

Paradise Mendocino Skunk Fems

60% Indica, 40% Sativa

48-56 Days flowering

Cerebral, relaxed effects

Skunky and sweet flavours



Barneys Phantom OG

Barneys Phantom OG

Barneys Farm Phantom OG Fems

Phantom Cookies x OG Kush

55% Sativa / 45% Indica

55-65 Days flowering

Walnut and wild berry flavours



CBD Lemon Potion Auto

CBD Lemon Potion Auto

Barneys Farm CBD Lemon Potion Auto Fems

BF Lemon Kush x CBD Crew CBD Enriched x Auto

60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Up to 15% CBD

Spicy lemon flavours




Nurse Lilly CBD

Nurse Lilly CBD

Expert Nurse Lilly CBD Fems

Genetics from Congo IBL, Lilly and Queen Mother

90% Sativa

THC 4-6% CBD 15%

Pineapple, sweet, tropical flavours




Clinical White CBD

Clinical White CBD

Expert Clinical White CBD Fems

Genetic from Canatonic, Dance Hall and White Widow

65% Sativa / 35% Indica

50-60 Days Flowering

THC 5%, CBD 8-17%

Ideal for chronic pain, epilepsy, arthritis

Herbies Updates 19th December 2016

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates 19th December 2016

Hi guys, well we are still here and working hard! Here are our latest updates:



You can see the full list of offers here

We have a limited number of Auto Mega Packs available. A bunch of autoflowering seeds for a hefty discounted price!

Herbies Auto Mega Pack

Herbies Auto Mega Pack


Back In Stock

You can see the full list of back in stock seeds here

Feminised Seeds Co OG Kush Fems

Green House Big Bang Autoflowering Seeds

TGA Subcool Querkle Seeds


New Strains and Breeders

You can see all of our newest strains here

New Breeder – Expert Seeds

Expert Seeds Logo

Expert Seeds Logo

Expert seeds have a good range of feminised and autos including..

Afghan Skunk Fems

Amnesia Haze Auto Fems

Amnesia Haze Fems

Blue Funk Auto Fems

Blue Funk Fems

Caramella Auto Fems

Critical Lights Fems

Expert Haze Fems

Funky Skunk Auto Fems

Funky Skunk Fems

Gorilla Cookies Fems

Lavandula Fems

Northern Light Auto Fems

Northern Light Fems

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto Fems

Orange Skunk Fems

Sweet Zombie Fems

White Gold Fems

Fruit Salad Fems


New Breeder – Garden Of Green

Garden Of Green Logo

Garden Of Green Logo

Another good range of autos and fems from Garden Of Green

Amnesia Lemon Kush Fems

Amnesia Lemon Pie Fems

Citrus Paradisi Fems

Diesel Berry Cough Fems

Dubble Bubble Fems

Green Crack Fems

Kush Mass Fems

Pineapple Amnesia Fems

Super Pineapple Haze Fems

Super Skunk Auto Fems

Super Skunk Kush Fems

Sweet Russian Fems

Sweetberry Cough Auto Fems

Violet Kush Auto Fems

Cookie Monster Auto Fems

Dresden Green Diamond Fems


New Breeder – Kalashnikov Seeds

Kalashnikov Seeds Logo

Kalashnikov Seeds Logo

Long awaited and we are now stocking the whole range:

Aamurskiy Giant Auto Fems

AK Kush Express Fems

AK Kush Fems

AK Skunk Auto Fems

AK Skunk Fems

Amnesia Molotov Fems

Baikal Express Fems

Blue Acid Auto Fems

Kabul Express Fems

Kalashnikov Express Fems

Kalashnikov Original Fems

Kubanskiy Ubiyza Fems

Moscow Blueberry Auto Fems

Moscow Blueberry Fems

Northern Russian Auto Fems

Purple Mazar Auto Fems

Siberian Haze Auto Fems

Siberian Haze Fems

White Widow 47 Fems

Kalashnikov also provide 3 mixed packs.

Auto Mix

Express Mix

Feminised Mix