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Herbies Updates – New Strains, Back In Stock, New Offers

UpdateHerbies Updates 28th September 2016



Back In Stock Seeds (you can see the full list here)

Connoisseur Genetics OG Chem Seeds
Rare Dankness Star Killer Seeds (Cup winner)
Connoisseur Genetics Girl Scout Haze Cookies Fems
Connoisseur Genetics Lemon ‘n’ Lime Jones Fems
Nirvana Bubbleicious Seeds
Nirvana AK48 Fems
Sativa Hawaii Maui Waui Seeds
00 Seeds Northern Lights fems
Eva Gypsy Haze Fems
Serious 6 Fems (cup winner)


New Breeders Added

Purple Caper Seeds

Purple Caper Seeds

Purple Caper Seeds

Purple Caper White Grapes (regs, 85% Indica, Cali Grape x Snow White)

Purple Caper Mixed Pack (regs, 10 pack)

Purple Caper White OG (regs, 65% Indica, OG Kush x Snow White)

Purple Caper Cookie OG (regs, 50% Indica / 50% Sativa, OG Kush x GSC)

Purple Caper Girl Scout Cookies F2 (Reg, Indica/Sativa, Granddaddy x Durban x OG Kush)

Purple Caper Chocolate Tonic (regs, 65% Sativa, Up to 17% CBD, 15% THC)

Purple Caper Seeds (regs, 60% Indica, (Grandaddy x Diesel) x (White Widow x Pure Indica))

Haute Genetique

Haute Genetique

Haute Genetique Seeds

Haute Genetique Raspberry Cookies (regs, Indica, Epik Cookies x Pink Champagne)

Haute Genetique XO Raspberry Glue (regs, indica, Gorilla Glue #4 x Pink Champagne)

Garden Ablaze Seeds

Garden Ablaze Seeds

Garden Ablaze Seeds

Garden Ablaze Twizzler (Regs, Kosher Tangie x Cherry Pie)

Garden Ablaze Nana Pie (Regs, Strawbery Banana x Cherry Pie)

Dark Horse Genetics

Dark Horse Genetics

Dark Horse Genetics

Dark Horse Genetics Orange Cream (regs, Orange Dot x Lemon, Sativa dominant)

Dark Horse Genetics Lemon Head (regs, Sativa dominant, Lemonade x Lemon)

Dark Horse Genetics Lemon Cream (regs, Sativa dominant, Lemon x Cookies and Cream)

Dark Horse Genetics Bruce Banner BC 2.0 (regs, Very high THC, Sativa dominant)

Brothers Grimm Seeds

Brothers Grimm Seeds

Brothers Grimm Seeds

Brothers Grimm Hashmaker (regs, Master Kush x Pure Afghani)

Brothers Grimm Grimmidica (regs, Indica dominant, Sensi Hashplant x Pure Afghani)

Brothers Grimm Green Avenger (regs, Genius x Vortex (Apollo 13 (Genius x P75) x Space Queen (Romulan x Cinderella 99))

Brothers Grimm Rosetta Stone (regs, Jack Herer x P75, Potent)

Brothers Grimm Apollo 13 (regs, Sativa dominant, 4-8oz yield)

Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 (regs, The legendary strain!)





Plantformers Mekanika Haze (regs, Brazilian Landrace 100% Sativa)

Plantformers Mr X Kush (Regs, 50/50 Indica/Sativa, Plantinum OG x Durban Poison)

Plantformers Zelda Haze (fems, 80% Sativa, Jamaican x El Nino x Headband)

Plantformers Violet Haze (fems, 50/50 Indica/Sativa, Killing Fields x Martian Mean Green)

Plantformers SOG Killin (fem, 50/50 Indica/Sativa, So G Kush x Killing Fields)

Plantformers Pineapple OG (fems, 50/50 Indica/Sativa, Pineapple Haze x OG Kush)

Plantformers Crossover OG (fems, 50/50 Indica/Sativa, So G Killin x OG Kush)


New Seeds Added (You can see the full list here)

TH Seeds M.O.B Fems (cup winner, 100% Indica, 4% CBD, 8% THC)

Serious CBD Enriched Warlock Fems (CBD 4% THC 8%, indica dominant)

Seedism Champagne Kush Fems (Super Silver Haze x Pot Of Gold, strong psychoactive effects)

Seedism King Kush Fems (Indica dominant, Hindukush x Pot of Gold)

Rare Dankness Buford OG (regs, Sour Kush x Rare Dankness #1)

Pheno Finder Sour Walker Fems (Albert Walker x Sour Bubble, 9-10 weeks flowering)

Pheno Finder LA Fire Fems (Indica dominant, LA Confidential x Fire OG)

Holy Smoke King Ox (regs, Kong x Ox)

Connoisseur Genetics Cheese Dog Haze Fems (Cheesedog x SSSDH, Potent effect)

Connoisseur Genetics Rainbow Jones Haze (fem, 60% Indica, Rainbow Jones x SSSDH)

Connoisseur Genetics Triangle Kush Haze (fems, Triangle Kush x SSSDH, potent)

Connoisseur Genetics The 90’s Haze (fems, Sativa dominant, NL5 Haze x SSSDH)

Connoisseur Genetics OG Chem Cookies (fems, Indica dominant, Girl Scout Cookies x OG Chem)

Feminised Seed Co Viva Sativa (fems, Sativa dominant, South African genetics)

Feminised Seed Co Hula Haze (fems, Sativa dominant, Blueberry x Haze)

Feminised Seed Co CBD Python (fems, CBD 6%, THC 6%, 80% Indica)

Big Buddha Double Cheese (fems, Indica dominant, up to 1000 gr/pp outdoors)


Offers – You can see all of our offers here

New offers added this week are:

Dr Krippling, 1 free Bud Bud Bling Tingz Fem with every 5 pack or 2 free with every 10 pack of Dr Krippling Seeds purchased.

LIMITED NUMBERS -Female Seeds – Checkout offer

Female Seeds-Sex BudV2

Choose to receive a free Female Seeds Sexbud at checkout.


Herbies Facebook Competition September 2016

We have launched a new facebook competition today to win some cool stuff!

Hoodies sept Promo items sept homegrowersmanual

How would you like to win:

A Homegrowers Manual
A Herbies Hoodie
A Herbies T-Shirt
A Selection of goodies from our stash (we choose the stash!)

All you have to do is like our page, like this post and leave a comment on why you would like to win!

We will pick a winner at random on Thursday 22nd September at 12 noon, so you only have a week to enter.

Pop over to our facebook page to enter

Herbies Updates 5th September 2016

Herbies Seeds Updates

Herbies Seeds Updates

Here’s the latest from Herbies!.

Back In stock (You can see the full list of recently added stock here)

Cannabiogen Pakistan Chitral Kush

Cannabiogen Pakistan Chitral Kush

Cannabiogen Pakistan Chitral Kush Fems

Pure Pakistan Indica with potent hash effects and sweet aroma.




Cannabiogen Peyote Purple

Cannabiogen Peyote Purple

Cannabiogen Peyote Purple Regs

An Indica Bubba Kush with stimulating effects.





Pyramid Auto Purple

Pyramid Auto Purple

Pyramid Auto Purple Fems

Purple and Ruderalis Gentics with a THC of 15% and a grape juice and black licorice flavour




GreenLabel AK Widow 47

GreenLabel AK Widow 47

Green Label AK Widow 47 Fems

White Widow and AK47 genetics with a 14-19% THC and uplifting effects.



BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies

BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies

BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies Fems

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Winning strain with a chocolate mint flavour. Good for anxiety, pain, inflammation and depression.




DNA LA Confidential

DNA LA Confidential

DNA Genetics LA Confidential Fems

100% Indica cross of OG LA Affie and Afghani. Multiple Cup winner.



New Seeds – You can see all recently added new strains here

We have a new seed company listed at Herbies, we now have 4 of their strains in stock and more coming soon.

SuperCBDx Logo

SuperCBDx Logo

SuperCBDx have taken popular strains such as headband, AK47 and Skunk and mixed them with their SuperCBDx strain. According to their claims (Herbies are not responsible for the accuracy of this info):

SuperCBDx is the first high CBD/low THC seed available anywhere.

SuperCBDx will produce approximately 200% more CBD than any CBD hemp plant (5%CBD).
It will produce a minimum of 50% more CBD than any CBD photo period plant yet discovered (7-12%). None of these other CBD plants are available in seed form.

Every SuperCBDx seed will produce a genetic duplicate, 17 +% CBD, with CBD/THC ratios of 24-26:1, with no psycho activity.

Our genetics produce dependable genetic results. No other CBD seeds available can make this claim, be they photo period, hemp, or auto flower.

SuperCBDx is also harvested earlier for maximum CBD production than any other CBD plants, between when the first and second set of pistels begin to turn brown.

Superior, higher levels of CBD production in less time. Minimum psycho activity. Dependable CBD genetic production (no gamble). More CBD medicine 50%-200% than anything else yet discovered.

SuperCBDx is also a hardy plant
Higher, dependable CBD production, robust terpene profiles, in much less time, minimum if any psycho activity, & 16 + % less expensive than anything else currently available.

Sage-n-Sour-SCBD RPK-SCBD OG-Kush-CBD Blueberry-Headband-SCBD



We have a customer competition running on our facebook page..


2016 High Life (Cup) Hemp Fair Winners

2016 High Life (Cup) Hemp Fair Winners

2016 High Life Cup

2016 High Life Cup

The 2016 High Life Cup was held during cannabis liberation day 2016 in Amsterdam.

Herbies stock the following 2016 High Life Cup winners:

1st Place Bio
Sumo Seeds Appleberry

2nd Place Bio
Serious Seeds – AK47

1st Place Autoflowers
Dutch Passion AutoNight Queen

2nd Place Autoflowers
Dinafem Industrial Plant Auto CBD

3rd Place Autoflowers
Kera Seeds Amnesia Auto

1st Place Haze Hydro
Paradise Seeds Atomical Haze

2nd Place Hydro
Sumo Seeds Green Mango

3rd Place Haze Bio
Kera Seeds Amnesia Mac Ganja Bio

You can see our top selling cup winners Cup winning seeds

Spannabis 2016 – Cup winning seeds on Herbies

2016 Spannabis Champions Cup – Cup winning seeds on Herbies

2016 Spannabis Champions Cup

2016 Spannabis Champions Cup

The 2016 Spannabis Champions Cup was held in Barcelona in March. It is Spain’s most prominent cannabis event.

Herbies stock the following 2016 Spannabis Champions Cup winners!

1st Place Best Concentrate
OG Reek by Devil Harvest Seeds

2nd Place Best Concentrate
Orange Diesel by Lady Sativa Genetics

1st Place Best Indoor Hydro
Underdawg OG Kush by TH Seeds

Best SeedbankGenehtik Seeds


Back in stock at Herbies 13th June 2016

Cannabis seeds back in stock

Cannabis seeds back in stock

Herbies Competition – Facebook

Herbies Competition – Facebook

Herbies Competition

Herbies Competition

Herbies are running a competition on facebook..

For your chance to win:

1st prize, 10 pack of Original Grand Daddy Purple Seeds

2nd Prize 5 pack of Fast Buds Green Crack Seeds

3rd Prize 5 pack of Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Seeds

Pop over to our facebook page to enter


Featured Breeder – Heavyweight Seeds

Featured Breeder – Heavyweight Seeds

Heavyweight seeds

Heavyweight seeds

When Heavyweight Seeds were originally set up in Spain in 2008, their interest was carrying out the development of strains that would satisfy the tastes of all consumers.  All of the effort and dedication ended in 2010 and as a result, they produced a delicious and important range of strains which came from the most stable and pure genetics. It was time to release their strains into the European Market in 2010 after 2 long years of dedication, ongoing research and development.

Heavyweight Seeds are specialized in plants that have particularly strong effects and, of course, with a very high yield … they are the source of a new age.

In their catalogue you will find the most powerful feminized seeds and auto flowering strains that are making history worldwide. Their seed bank offers a full menu of flavours and tastes contained in totally brutal crops.

Try their Sativa strains and have a lot of laughs with your friends! Or if you are looking for more introspection and finding yourself … try with their Indicas, if you dare!

Have you heard of their Fast & Vast? It’s the strain that changed the history! If you are looking for maximum performance and maximum power in an auto flowering strain, look no further!

Fast was the first hurdle for Heavyweight, taking a sturdy White Dwarf and crossing it with an auto Skunk that would reach its full potential in 7 careful weeks, and then the Vast came when further crossing with a powerful Afghani auto. Great care has been taken to ensure that the high yields are not at the expense of quality, the long thick buds covered in sparkling crystals produce a high quality soft and sweet smoke with spicy undertones. The effect is very fast and knock out, leading to a long relaxed stone.

If you would rather try our feminised seeds you can start growing our Fruit Punch which is fast becoming a legend around the globe. This quickly flowering sativa dominant plant produces both big yields and the sweetest of smokes. The high is uplifting and creative; perfect for social occasions, daytime toking and pain relief without couch lock. Fruit Punch is a breeze to grow and a great choice for beginners. Commercial growers also love this plant for its rapid and trouble free reliability, producing big crops time and time again. Once you’ve tasted the Punch, you’ll be sure to come back for more!

As you see, no matter which option you choose, we will always have a strain you love, you just have to try them!

Heavyweight Seeds will be attending different shows this year over Europe. Heavyweight Seeds is a consolidated company, building a name for consistency and quality, time and time again. They are not ordinary seeds, they are the Heavyweight Seeds!

Herbie highly recommends Heavyweight Seeds.

Top 5 Sellers in the Heavyweight Range are:

 1. Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto 

Suitable indoors and out, 17-19% THC, yields 600-800 gr/m2 (huge yields for an auto strain)
80% Indica/20% Sativa, Sweet and spicy flavours, very fast and long lasting stone.

 2. Heavyweight Dream Machine Fem

Suitable indoors and out, 19% THC, 1.6% CBD, yields up to 1000gr/m2 indoors and even more potential outdoors. 60% Indica, 40% Sativa.  Smooth and sweet flavour, knock out powerful effects, good for pain, anxiety and insomnia

 3. Heavyweight Strawberry Cake

Suitable indoors and out, 22% THC, 1.3% CBD, yields 500 gr/m2 indoors, 700-900 gr outdoors. 70% Indica / 30% Sativa, flavours of cheese with sweet undertones, good for muscular pain and arthritis, strong hitter!

 4. Heavyweight Fruit Punch

Suitable indoors and out, Sativa dominant, THC 22%, CBD 1.20%. Indoor yields of 600 gr/m2, outdoors 1000 gr. Fruty flavour, uplifting, social, creative effects, ideal for daytime.


 5. Heavyweight 2 Fast 2 Vast Autos

Suitable indoors and out, 80% Indica / 20% Sativa, THC 18-20%, massive yields of 600-800 gr/m2, Pre, fruity flavours, gives a high with giggles and a relaxed stone

Minister sets aside report on regulating cannabis cultivation

regulating cannabis

regulating cannabis

A report by Radboud University researchers which says legalizing cannabis production would have benefits for public health and human rights will not have an impact on government policy, Justice Minister Ard van der Steur has told MPs.

The report’s findings are no reason to change policy on cannabis cafes, known as coffee shops, the minister said in answer to questions from the Socialists and D66. The study found that illegal cannabis production was linked to criminal violence, fires, environmental and noise pollution and the spread of legionella bacteria, the Volkskrant reported last month.

Legalising the process, they argued, would potentially improve health and safety and therefore be justified on human rights grounds. Local authorities would have more scope to reduce the harmful effects of cannabis, for example by limiting the level of the active ingredient THC in legally grown plants.