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The Big 420 Offer – Herbies Updates

Herbies 420 Offer

Herbies 420 Offer

The Big 420 Offer – Herbies Updates 19th April 2018

420 is upon us again and Herbies will not disappoint! Herbies Big 420 Offer means you can get 20% off everything for 4 whole days! Starting from 20th April through to 24th April. All you have to do is enter the code 420 at checkout.


A lot of the old cheese strains are now coming back, we have a cheesy listing here, but some comebacks are:

Dinafem Blue Cheese
Dinafem Cheese XXL Auto
Dinafem Kush N Cheese Auto
Positronics SuperCheese Express
Dinafem Critical Cheese Auto
Royal Queen Royal Cheese Auto
Dinafem Deep Cheese
Dinafem Kush N Cheese
Dinafem Auto White Cheese
Dinafem Auto Cheese
Positronics Super Cheese
Nirvana Swiss Cheese Auto
Royal Queen Blue Cheese
Sweet Seeds Sweet Cheese
Dinafem Cheese Fems
Nirvana Swiss Cheese
Royal Queen Royal Cheese Fast Version


Back in stock – You can see the full list here

Purple Caper Grandaddy OG Regs
Dutch Passion USA Autoflower Mix
Mephisto Alien vs Triangle Auto
Purple Caper Wedding Cake
Barneys Blueberry OG
G13 Labs Pineapple Express #2
BC Bud Depot God’s Gift
KC Brains Danky Doodle DD
Brothers Grimm Cinderella XX
House of the Great Gardener GG#1
Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Auto
00 Seeds Northern Lights
BlimBurn Grandaddy Purple
Vision Northern Lights Auto
Dutch Passion Dutch Outdoor Mix
Ripper Double Glock
Homegrown Fantaseeds Armageddon


New Strains Added – You can see the full listing here

Connoisseur Genetics

Hippy Private Stash – Somas NYCD x OG Chem, Sativa dominant with a rotten chemmy grapefruit aroma


Purple Caper Seeds

Key Lime Pie – Regular seeds, Key Lime Pie x GSC, loves hydro, king of indoors

Chocolate OG – Regular seeds, Chocolate Kush x OG Kush BX, Amazing gas and flavour

Purple Caper OG – Regular Seeds, Purple Caper x OG Kush BX, reported 27-32% THC

Grandaddy OG – Regular seeds – Grandaddy x OG Kush BX, best suited to indoors or greenhouse

Pink Panties – Regular Seeds – Blackberry Kush x OG Kush, extremely potent

Alien OG – Regular Seeds – Alien Technology x OG Kush BX, supreme father

Krippy Kush – Regular Seeds – Florida OG x OG Kush BX, High THC, amazing flavours


00 Seeds

Critical Poison Fast V – Just 40-45 days flowering, recommended for humid climates

White Widow CBD – 12-16% CBD, low THC, Low psychoactivity, easy to manage

Auto Blueberry – 65-70 days flowering, sweet berry taste, powerful physical and mental effect


House of the Great Gardener

CBD Afghani – Cannatonic x GG#1, Indica, 8-9 weeks flowering, powerful body stone. 10%+ CBD

Highlo – Cannatonic IBL, 11%+ CBD, 8-9 weks flowering, calming, relaxing low psychoactive effect


Holy Smoke Seeds

Strawberry Diesel Dojo – Strawberry Diesel x Purple Doja, 8 weeks flowering, grape/strawberry/diesel flavours

London Cookies – Quattro Cookies Kush x Guide Dawg, 8 weeks flowering, very strong and instant high


Paradise Seeds

Chongs Choice LA Amnesia – Amnesia Haze x Kush, Sativa dominant, 20-24% THC, Long lasting

Chongs Choice Blue Kush Berry – Kush x Shiskaberry, Indica dominant, long lasting super stone

Chongs Choice Menocino Skunk – 60% Indica, skunky and fruity flavour and aroma, relaxed and cerebral effect


Rare Dankness

Karma Bitch Fems – Skywalker OG x Nevils Wreck, 70% sativa, balanced indica/sativa high


True Canna Genetics

Grape Gas – (OG Chem x GDP Reversed) x The Truth, Fruity and zesty flavours, crowd pleaser

Purple Fondue – Purple Project x The Truth, Indica dominant, a real tropical kush


Short Stuff Seeds

Auto Gorilla Shizzle – (Gorilla Glue #4 x Auto OG Kush) x Tha Shiznit, flowering in 9-11 weeks from seed, 23% THC

Auto Purple Gorilla – (Gorilla Glue #4 x Auto OG Kush) x Auto Purple Amnesia, 23%+ THC, 60-280 gr/pp yields


Ultra Genetics

Sugar Tits – Sour Grape Kush x Animal Cookies, Sativa dominant with a sour smooth fruity flavour


Offers – you can see all of our current offers here

Sensi Seeds – 10% off all Sensi Seeds for a limited time only

Green House Seeds – 1 free Franco’s Lemon Cheese with every 5 pack, 2 free with every 10 pack of Green House Seeds purchased

Dr Krippling – 1 free Jumping Black Dash with every 5 pack, 2 free with every 10 pack of Dr Krippling Seeds Purchased

Barneys Farm – Buy Barneys Fems – get 1 free Critical Kush with every 3 pack, 2 free with every 5 pack and 3 free with every 10 pack of Barneys Farm Seeds purchased

Barneys Farm – Buy Barneys Autos – get 1 free Blue Cheese Auto with every 3 pack, 2 free with every 5 pack and 3 free with every 10 pack of Barneys Farm Seeds purchased.


Herbies Updates 12th February 2018

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates 12th February 2018

Back In Stock – You can see the full listing here

Top Shelf Elite Auto Gorillagasm Fems
Expert Gorilla Glue #4 Auto Fems
Holy Smoke Strawberry Stardawg Fems
Green House Big Bang Fems (Cup Winner)
Original Sensible Purple Haze Auto Fems


New Strains Added – You can see the full list here

Auto Amnesia

Auto Amnesia

Advanced Auto Amnesia Feminised Seeds

Original Amnesia x Haze Auto

Powerful and long lasting mental effects

14% THC

450-500 gr/m2





Trippy Gorilla

Trippy Gorilla

Big Head Trippy Gorilla Auto Feminised Seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 x Bighead #1

25-28% THC

Pine and citrus flavour and aroma

Uplifting, creative and strong






Julie's Cookies

Julie’s Cookies

Big Head Julie’s Cookies Auto Feminised Seeds

Girl Scout Cookie Genetics

22-26% THC

Cinnamon and fruitcake flavours

9 Weeks flowering






Barneys Farm have released 6 new regular strains:

Barneys Widow Remedy Regs
Barneys Pineapple Haze Regs
Barneys CBD Caramel Regs
Barneys Afghan Hash Plant Regs
Barneys Critical Kush Regs
Barneys G13 Haze Seeds


00 Seeds have released 5 new strains:

00 Seeds Blueberry Fems
00 Seeds Auto Sweet Critical Fems
00 Seeds 00 Skunk Fems
00 Seeds Auto Afghan Mass XXL Fems
00 Seeds Critical Poison Fems


Sweet Seeds have released 9 new strains:

Sweet Gorilla Girl Fems
Sweet Sweet Pure CBD Fems
Sweet Sweet Amnesia Haze Fems
Sweet Green Poison XL Auto Fems
Sweet Green Poison CBD Fems
Sweet Ice Cool CBD Fems
Sweet Black Jack CBD Fems
Sweet Honey Peach Auto CBD Fems
Sweet Chem Beyond Diesel CBD Fems


Offers – You can see all of our offers here

Valentines Offer

Valentines Offer

For a limited time only we have 10% off all NIrvana Seeds

Ripper Seeds – Get a pack of Ripper Badazz Regs and a keyring with all Ripper Seeds purchases

Big Head seeds – 1 free seed with every 5 pack and 2 with every 10 pack. Free seed picked from Crystal Gelato, Sherbert Dab, Trippy Gorilla, Julies Cookies or Dawstar Dawg

Dr Underground – 1 Free Crystal Meth with every 4 pack, 2 free with every 8 pack of Dr Underground Seeds purchased

Top Shelf Elite – 1 free Francisco Sour Dough or Gorillagasm with every 5 pack, 2 free with every 10 pack of Top Shelf Elite seeds purchased

Heavyweight Seeds – Buy Heavyweight Seeds from our autoflowering site and get 1 free Heavyweight Fully Loaded Auto with every 5 pack or 2 free with every 10 pack of Heavyweight Seeds purchased

Heavyweight Seeds – Buy Heavyweight Seeds from our main site and get 1 free Heavyweight Monster Profit Fem  with every 5 pack or 2 free with every 10 pack of Heavyweight Seeds purchased

Applies to all UK orders over £100 – for a limited time only:




Herbies Updates 9th May 2017

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates

Herbies Updates 9th May 2017

Back in stock – you can see the full list here

KC Brains Afghani Special Regs
World Of Seeds Wild Thailand Regs
Cali Connection DeadHead OG Fems (Cup Winner)
Serious Chronic Fems (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Boss Hogg Fems
Cali Conection Blue Dream Haze Fems
Pheno Finder Lemon Bubble Fems (Cup Winner)
Green House Moby Dick Fems
Cali Connection Tahoe OG Kush Fems (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Larry OG Kush Fems (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Original Sour Diesel Fems
Cali Connection Blackwater Fems (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Purple Chem Fems
Cali Connection Girl Scout Cookies Fems  (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Alien OG Fems
Cali Connection SFV OG Kush Fems (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection Grape OG Fems
DNA Tangie Regs (Cup Winner)
Cali Connection LA Cookies Fems
Critical Mass Collective Auto Monster Mass Fems
Sweet S.A.D. Sweet Afghani Delicious CBD Fems
Purple Caper Sherbert BX Regs
Purple Caper Grand Caper Regs
Purple Caper Granddaddy Purple BX Regs
Homegrown Fantaseeds Homegrown Purple Regs
Homegrown Fantaseeds Afghani Fems
Freedom Of Seeds Mighty Grape Regs
Freedom Of Seeds Little Stilton Auto Fems
Dutch Passion Auto Duck Fems
VIP Dwarf Auto Fems
Freedom Of Seeds Crystal Dwarf Auto Fems


New Strains Added – you can see the full list of recently added strains here

00 Seeds Auto White Widow

00 Seeds Auto White Widow

00 Seeds Auto White Widow Fems

Ready in 70-80 days from seed. Easy to grow, robust. Exceptional quality, yields of 450-500 gr/m2







00 Seeds White Widow 00 Seeds White Widow

High THC with a fruity and spicy flavour and floral aroma. It has powerful, mental effects and yields 450-500 gr/m2 indoors. A compact plant which is easy to grow


Herbies Updates 4th April 2017

Herbies Update

Herbies Update

Herbies Updates 4th April 2017

Back in stock this week (you can see the full list of recently added stock here)

Connoisseur Genetics North London Church Cookies Fems – 9-10 weeks flowering, indica/sativa, Church x GSC (Reversed)

Reserva Privada Tangie Regs – Cup winner in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 70% Sativa, 9-10 weeks flowering

Serious AK47 Fems – Multiple cup winner including Medical Cannabis Cups, Sativa dominant F1 hybrid, High THC, 53-63 days flowering

Connoisseur Genetics Cheese Dog Haze Fems – Cheesedog x SSSDH, Cheesy flavour with pine and lemon. 8-9 weeks flowering

Connoisseur Genetics Connoisseur Cookies Fems – OG Chem x GDP Cut x Girl Scout Cookies (Reversed), 9-10 weeks flowering, flavour of cookies.

DNA Genetics Kosher Tangie Fems – 60% Indica, 9-10 weeks flowering, Kosher Kush x Tangie

Connoisseur Genetics Girl Scout Haze Cookies Fems – Girl Scout Cookies x SSSDH, Indica/Sativa, 9-10 weeks flowering with a cookie, lemon and pine flavour.

DNA Genetics Sour Secret Fems – Sour Diesel x LA Confidential, 80% Indica, 9 weeks flowering with very powerful effects.

Feminised Seeds Co Big Bang 2 Fems – Northern Light x Jack Herer, Indica, 8-9 weeks flowering 15-22% THC, couchlock effect.

00 Seeds Northern Lights Fems – Indica, 50 days flowering, high THC and CBD

G13 Labs Cinderella 99 Fems – Jack Herer x Haze, Sativa dominant with exotic scents and flavours.

Buddha Magnum Autoflowering Fems – Uplifting effects, fresh and spicy

BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies Fems – Cup winner, Indica/sativa hybrid with chocolate mint flavours. (OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush) x OG genetics.

BC Bud Depot BC God Bud Fems – Cup winner, 75% indica, God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk genetics with an out of body experience effect

Cannabiogen Female Mix #4 – Including Nepaljam x Oaxaca, Jack Herer x Panama and Panama Pelo Rosa S1

Short Stuff Auto Assassin – AK47 Auto x Shortstuff #1, Sativa dominant, 8-9 weeks flowering, clear cerebral effect

De Sjamaan Magic Crystal Seeds – Californian Orange x White Widow, 60% Sativa, 8-10 weeks flowering, sweet and spicy flavours, mental stone, physical high