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High Life Hemp Fair (Highlife Cup)

The High Life Hemp Fair also know as the Highlife cup started back in the late 1990’s. Usually held on Liberation Day in Amsterdam it is a popular event for breeders and members of the public.

Herbies have the High Life Cup winners listed here with a link to the individual cup winning strain information on our main Herbies site.

High Life Hemp Fair 2017

High Life Hemp Fair 2017

High Life Hemp Fair 2017

High Life Hemp Fair 2017


The High Life Hemp Fair 2017 was held on Liberation Day June 2017.

Herbies are stocking the following winning strains

Paradise Seeds Auto Jack – Winning 1st place in the Auto category Auto Jack is a combo of Jack Here x White Widow x Ruderalis. It has a fruity, sweet flavour and an uplifting high that packs a punch!

There are 2 winning strains from Kera Seeds at the High Life Cup;

Amnesia Auto – which has already taken 2 awards in previous High Life Cups, this year walking away with 2nd place in the Autos category.  Their 2nd winner this year is Amsterdam Cheese (now known as Crazy Mouse. An Afghan x Skunk strain which has a strong cheesy aroma and a long lasting, uplifting effect which tackles anxiety and depression.

Dutch Passion have also done well in the 2017 awards, with 2 of their strains featuring in the winning categories.

CBD Auto Compassion Lime won 1st place in the CBD category, the first time this strain has been given an award. It’s a pretty new strain from the guys at Dutch Passion and boasts a 9-10% CBD content.

Master Kush has been awarded 1st place in the Kush section, an Indica dominant, fast flowering strain which has a 15-18% THC content and gives a strong, powerful high.

Sumo Seeds Amnesia Ganja Haze won 1st place Sativa at this High Life awards. A cross of Amnesia Haze and Silver Buddha Haze, its an 80% sativa which has high yields and the unmistakeable amnesia aroma.

Taking the 3rd place in the Bio Weed category is Sumo Seeds Ultimate AK. A cross of the legendary AK47 and Sumo’s Big Bud. A balanced Indica/sativa which has floral sweet and spicy flavours and medium THC/CBD that’s ideal for physical tasks



2016 High Life (Cup) Hemp Fair Winners

2016 High Life (Cup) Hemp Fair Winners

2016 High Life Cup

2016 High Life Cup

The 2016 High Life Cup was held during cannabis liberation day 2016 in Amsterdam.

Herbies stock the following 2016 High Life Cup winners:

1st Place Bio
Sumo Seeds Appleberry

2nd Place Bio
Serious Seeds – AK47

1st Place Autoflowers
Dutch Passion AutoNight Queen

2nd Place Autoflowers
Dinafem Industrial Plant Auto CBD

3rd Place Autoflowers
Kera Seeds Amnesia Auto

1st Place Haze Hydro
Paradise Seeds Atomical Haze

2nd Place Hydro
Sumo Seeds Green Mango

3rd Place Haze Bio
Kera Seeds Amnesia Mac Ganja Bio

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