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Expogrow Winners 2015

You can find all the Expogrow Winners 2015 here. Each winner has a link to the seed details on our Herbies site.

Expogrow is a cannabis event held in Irun. It spans over 3 days and is now becoming a very popular event.


Expogrow – Irun

Expogrow – Irun Event


Expo grow

The main feature of Expogrow is to combine 3 concepts into one, providing added value to both visitors and exhibitors. Expogrow is a trade show, festival and forum.

Visitors can enjoy the latest industry news, attend festival concerts with artists of the highest standard and participate in a international marijuana forum.

Expogrow 2015

The 2015 Expogrow Cannabis Cup was a 3 day event held in Irun. Attracting industry professionals and experts and a dedicated public, the effort of all participants is to bring new and innovative products and strains that were rewarded with various prizes.

The winners of Expogrow 2015

Herbies has the following Expogrow 2015 winners

1st Place Automatic
Philosopher Auto Stilton 

3rd Place Automatic
Green House Sweet Mango

1st Best Indica
Dinafem Purple Afghan Kush

3rd Best Non Solvent
House of the Great Gardener GG#1

2nd Best Sativa
Ripper Sour Ripper Feminised Seeds

1st Best Solvent
TH Chicle aka Bubbledawg

2nd Best Solvent
Ripper Toxic

See our You Tube Channel for Expogrow 2015 Highlights, we have the following seed breeder interviews

Vision Seeds
Serious Seeds
Dinafem Seeds
DNA Genetics
Flash Auto Seeds
French Touch Seeds
Green House/Strain Hunters
Nirvana Seeds
Original Sensible Seeds
Ripper Seeds
Barneys Farm
TH Seeds
Sweet Seeds
Exotic Seeds

We also have a video for the awards 


The winners of Expogrow 2014

Herbies has the following Expogrow 2014 winners

1st Best Automatic
Sweet Big Devil XL Auto

2nd Best Automatic
Sweet Bloody Skunk Auto

1st Best Butane Hash Oil
DNA Tangie Seeds

3rd Best Butane Hash Oil
DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk

1st Best Hash
Dinafem Feminised Automatic Cheese

2nd Best Hash
TH Chicle aka Bubbledawg

1st Best Indica
Positronics Critical #47

2nd Best Indica
Soma Sogouda Feminised Seeds
Soma Sogouda

3rd Best Indica
Pheno Finder Lemon Bubble

1st Best Sativa
Ripper Sour Ripper

2nd Best Sativa

3rd Best Sativa
TH Chicle aka Bubbledawg


The winners of Expogrow 2013

Herbies has the following Expogrow 2013 winners

1st Best Automatic
Strain Hunters Skunk Auto

3rd Best Automatic
Delicious Critical x Jack Herer Auto

1st Best Indica
Serious Motivation (Warlock x Sensi Star)

2nd Best Indica
Positronics Critical #47

3rd Best Indica
BlimBurn Mamba Negra (Black Mamba)

1st Best Sativa
Green House Super Lemon Haze

3rd Best Sativa
Serious 6


The winners of Expogrow 2012

Herbies has the following Expogrow 2012 winners

3rd Best Butane Hash Oil
DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk

1st Best Indica
Green House Exodus Cheese

2nd Best Indica
Green House K-Train

3rd Best Indica
TH Darkstar

1st Best Sativa
Dinafem Feminised Amnesia Original

2nd Best Sativa
Green House Super Lemon Haze

3rd Best Sativa
Philosopher Amnesika 2.0